Boats, Cocktails, Military Men and Fashion

IN The Loop Ep #18 – original air date Aug 23, 2015 on WISH-TV 8

Kaylyn Easton, Noah Winston, Jade Johnson and Erica Stikeleather take you on a tour of Indiana every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8, Indiana’s CW affiliate. IN the Loop TV shows viewers new and exciting segments about our community.

Boats, Cocktails, Military Men and Fashion. Erica Stikeleather sits down with her big brother, Ian, to talk to him about his fashion line and life as a young entrepreneur. Noah Winston interviews Captain Cates about Camp Atterbury and the Veterens Commemorative and community day. Jade Johnson teaches Indiana how to make a Hoosier Hospitalitea. Kaylyn Easton goes boating on Geist Reservoir.

If you missed this episode or any other episodes of IN the Loop TV Show you can watch them all online. Tune in every Sunday on WISH-TV 8 for a look at everything Indianapolis, where to go, what to do and how to play in the city.

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