Summer in Indy means Symphony on the Prairie, picnics along the canal, and cookouts with friends. What do you need to make all those events fabulous and complete? A good bottle of wine.

Our friends at Cork and Cracker have made choosing the right bottle of wine easy. Ron Miller, Owner and President, hand selects and tastes EVERY bottle of wine and champagne in his store. That means when you ask a question, he and his staff can provide an honest answer.

The wine selection is organized by price, taste, and type. So if you need a $15.00 bottle of red that has a hint of berry and apple… you can find it.

Cork and Cracker offers multiple wine-tasting events throughout the year. Ron estimates that they uncork around 80 bottles at each event and allow customers to sample a wide variety.

Customers can opt for the weekly newsletter that contains updates and special promotions. In the newsletter, Ron features a weekly trio of wines that can be bundled for additional savings.

If you’re a newbie or seasoned wino, Cork and Cracker can cater to your needs and continually offers a warm, friendly environment all for the love of wine.

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