Vaping gains popularity by the day and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

For those of us relatively new to the concept, “vaping” is when someone uses a device that heats up liquid which turns into water vapor that is then inhaled just as you would with a cigarette. It is called “vaping” because, although it looks like smoke, the device emits only water vapor. And unlike cigarette or marijuana smoke, it is typically odorless and evaporates within about 3 seconds.

Vapers are devout. For many, this isn’t a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, a brotherhood, a community, a movement fighting for a “right to vape,” and a religion for reformed smokers. Many credit the surge in the vaping lifestyle to social media, where hashtags like “#vapelyfe” and “#chickswhovape” have thousands of posts. On Instagram, you don’t have to go far to find vapers—like a woman who calls herself “PureFantasiaVape”—who credits vaping to saving her life, and calls her followers “family.”  There is even a popular YouTube channel completely devoted to vaping called the Plumes of Hazard. The vape craze is incredibly fast-moving.  With 15,000 vaporizer shop owners across the county, 466 brands of vaporizers, and 7,764 flavors of “e-liquid” on the market, vaping is growing faster than the FDA can regulate, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your views on it all.

Indianapolis is home to Cravin’ Vapes, a company that focuses completely on customer satisfaction, so they strive to always give you the best! Oil made in house, high end Vape mods and friendly faces behind the counter when you walk in the door.  Andy and company invest heavily in a sophisticated process for making the “juice” tailored to your needs.  Flavors that sing of cookies, fruits or your favorite alcoholic drink or a simple tobacco flavor fill the books.  Sample at the bar, mingle with fellow cloud chasers and relax in an environment tailored for vaping.

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