I spent the week telling my boys that they were going to Tibbs Drive-In, an experience that I had as a kid and one that I anticipated sharing with my two boys.  I spun stories of how we used to pack up my mom’s station wagon with chairs, blankets and pillows so that we could make the perfect-cozy pallet in the back to watch movies under the stars. I told them there might even still be a playground, so they could throw the football, teeter-totter or swing upside down from the jungle-gym like I did with my little brother!

Sharing all of these memories with the boys –of newfound friends, laying on the roof of the car and watching double-features helped build the anticipation not only for them, but for myself.  These were great memories of a life less hurried and I could share these slow moments with my family.

When we pulled up I was thrilled to see a line of cars waiting to get inside the 4 screen movie lot. The vibe was good.  Tibbs Drive-IN still has that classicly simple feel and design, with the added technology to keep up with today’s more advanced movies. There is a reason this place gets great reviews.

Two movies for price of one, great food, wholesome family fun, clean, nostalgic -this is definitely a place worth visiting and revisiting. My boys gave it two thumbs up and so do I. I can’t wait to get a big group of people lined up and have another fun filled night. Thank you Tibbs for giving our city this experience that only few may be able to enjoy considering Drive-Ins all over the U.S are closing down. Thank you Tibbs for staying true to your values by running such a great place. I loved how friendly your staff was and how I felt right at home.

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