There are some bars that make you feel particularly special and without even trying Whiskey Business made me feel like Indianapolis royalty.

Let me just get the logistics out of the way. This is a pretty nice sized sports bar with plenty of tables, a good size bar that serves as their centerpiece, typical bar entertainment such as pool and darts, tied together with stage for the bands to play that is not super overbearing. The food.  If there was a mic for me to drop and walk away when I said this I would just end it with delicious.  Robin and Mike have their own hand selected bourbon for you to try and are really very hands on.

They treated me like a Whiskey Business princess with a party bus that took me and my friends back and forth from my home to the bar!  I was happy to hear that this is a service they provide for everyone.  I danced, had some great food and drank with the owner so that she could tell me her story.  They are wonderfully involved with the community and give so much of themselves.

If you missed the segment on WISH-TV 8 you can check out the video here.  Keep watching my adventures on IN the Loop every Sunday at 11:30 PM, right after the news!

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