Season 2 launches this Sunday, August 28

This has been a long time coming. We were about to start production at the beginning of 2020 but then the CoVid-19 pandemic hit.

Season 2 of the IN the Loop TV show launches this Sunday. Tune in to the livestream at 11pm and show us some love.

Shout out to my past hosts, @jmbausman, @ericastikeleather, @kaylyneaston, @nwinston1984, @jademerrisa. 

Renée Michelle Merrifield will be hosting at the start of this season but I have a feeling you’ll be seeing some familiar faces…and some NEW ones before too long.

Cheers to season 2!

Renée takes a break from her studio recording session to promote the new season launch of the IN the Loop TV Show.
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