Explore the artistic world with IN the Loop TV: Mystic Images Tattoo’s vibrant creations, Fortune Academy’s inspiring education, and Chicago Farmer’s captivating music journey!

Join us in this exciting episode of the IN the Loop TV Show as we explore the artistry at Mystic Images Tattoo, learn about Julie Pappas and the incredible Fortune Academy and dive into an exclusive interview with the legendary Chicago Farmer! Don’t miss out on the amazing stories, inspiring journeys, and captivating performances in this must-watch episode. Subscribe for more great content!

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Mystic Images Tattoo
Get an inside look at Mystic Images Tattoo, the premier tattoo shop in Noblesville, IN! This segment takes you on a tour of the stunning shop, and introduces you to the talented artists behind the ink. From black and gray realism to neo traditional, the artists at Mystic Images Tattoo have a passion for creating unique, meaningful tattoos. Whether you’re a first-time client or a seasoned collector, the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the shop is sure to make you feel at home. Watch as clients share their personal experiences getting tattooed by the talented artists, and learn about the free apprenticeship program offered at Mystic Images Tattoo. This segment is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of tattoos and the art of body ink. Get ready to be inspired and fall in love with the creativity, skill, and passion behind Mystic Images Tattoo.


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Fortune Academy
This segment offers viewers an exclusive backstage pass into the world of Fortune Academy’s theater arts program. Host Renee Merrifield sits down with the program’s dedicated director, Julie Pappas, to explore her inspiring journey, passion for theater, and the transformative impact of her work on students. Dive deep into the creative process as Pappas shares how she crafts plays based on literature, adapts them to suit her students, and ensures that everyone has a chance to shine on stage. With a track record of 38 plays in 13 years, Pappas’ relentless commitment to providing a platform for young performers has resulted in a thriving program that reaches students from grades one through twelve. Hear from the students themselves as they open up about their personal experiences, the challenges they face, and the life-changing impact that theater has had on their lives. Discover how the Fortune Academy theater program builds confidence, improves reading and articulation skills, and nurtures a sense of empathy by allowing students to step into another person’s shoes. In this heartwarming and insightful segment, witness the unique blend of talent, dedication, and passion that drives the Fortune Academy theater arts program to new heights. As students and staff alike share their stories of growth and transformation, you’ll be inspired by the power of theater to create lasting change in the lives of young performers. Join us for “Stage Whispers: Unveiling the Magic Behind Fortune Academy’s Theatrical Triumphs” and prepare to be moved by the captivating world of theater at Fortune Academy.


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Chicago Farmer
Join Renee Merrifield as she interviews folk legend Cody Diekhoff, aka Chicago Farmer, on the IN the Loop TV Show. Discover his musical journey, inspirations, and experiences from small-town Illinois to the vibrant Midwest festival scene. Learn about Cody’s involvement in the upcoming Sustain Art Music Festival and get an exclusive preview of his performance with his band, Chicago Farmer and the Field Notes. Don’t miss this intimate and engaging conversation with one of folk music’s most authentic voices!


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