Arriving at Sofi B. Estates feels like you’re the guest of honor arriving at a palace for a royal banquet. I kid you not. The estate is that big, the trimmings are well manicured, and every detail from doorknob to wall hanging has been done in the most purposeful of ways. Whether spring or fall, I love doing shoots for IN the Loop at Sofi B. Estates.

The Pencils of Promise fundraiser was no different. Pencils of Promise is a for-progress organization that donates 100% of their resources to building schools all around the world. Pencils of Promise believes that every child (and every community) needs the opportunity to benefit from education, and to date, has built more than 324 schools around the world. 100% of those schools are run by members of the community, and 100% are government funded. Pretty amazing.

The fundraiser was lavish complete with a live pianist, DJ, waiters, open bar, and beautiful Christmas decorations adding extra merriment to the occasion. The fundraiser kicks off a much larger campaign aiming to raise $25,000 for Pencils of Promise in the coming year.

People danced, donated, and enjoyed the night. Which is easy to do when Angela Khan, Owner of Sofi B. Estates and an avid supporter of Pencils of Promise, is hosting the party.

If you or your company is interested in hosting an event at Sofi B. Estates, visit their Facebook page or visit their website for more information. The estate is open year-round for both indoor and outdoor events.

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