I can’t remember a time when I was not infatuated with cameras.  My mom carried a camera documenting the lives of my family.  She didn’t use a Polaroid or snapshot cameras, she had the real deal.  A video camera.  I watched her longingly as she recorded hour after hour of our lives.  After promises to not scratch it and return the camera in the same condition, it wasn’t long before I convinced her to let me touch it, adjust the settings and get the feel of it in my hand.  That was it.  I had met my first love –moving pictures.

My parents watched this grow into near obsession and presented me with a Fisher Price PXL-2000 at the young age of 12.  I could record my movies on my precious Metal II cassette tapes in black and white, at the astounding resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.  I was really getting to know my first love –moving pictures.

The story of my film and video revolution is long, and over the next few weeks I want to share the entire experience with everyone who follows IN the Loop so that when our first episode airs you are as ingrained in our story as we are but when my writer set me in front of the computer tonight, pointed at the screen and said write this was all I could think. …  How do I write about my first love–moving pictures?

A Fisher Price PXL-2000 sits on display above my bookshelf as a daily reminder of that infatuation.  It looks at me as I look at it and we remind each other of how far we have come in this little “hobby.” There is a flurry of daily activity in the editing suite and my fingers itch to create new video content but my writer and co-creator urges me, “Get this story down. Share it with the world.”  But all I want to do is hold the camera in my hand, get the feel of IN the Loop.  It is after all, my first love.

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