The expansion of Broad Ripple’s iconic Alley Cat Lounge took months of planning, building and patrons of the original Cat by surprise,  but The Alley Cat Front Room opened with the flair that only Lori and Russ could pull off.

The Loopers lounged on the patio all afternoon drinking derby-favorite mint juleps, moscow mules, vodka tonics, gin gimlets and draft-craft beer.  It was an afternoon to relish and enjoy the splendor of spring in Broad Ripple.

Our beloved Alley Cat. What can we say about an establishment who wins the “best dive bar” award in Indy year after year. A hole-in-the-wall to beat all hole-in-the-walls, you can’t even get here without threading through Broad Ripple’s back alleys. You have allowed all of us to grow up in your bar and now realize that we need a new place to go and remember those sordid nights of oil cans and strong drinks.  How could we leave your safe embrace at the end of Ripple summer nights?

Relocation is the process of moving a stray or feral cat from its current home to a new  home.  It is a labor intensive process and often times has a low success rate. Cats are very territorial and remaining in their current habitat is optimal for their health and safety. Russ and Lori, thanks for understanding that we as Alley Cat lovers didn’t want to be relocated, just given a second option in the heart of Broad Ripple.  We are not straying far from home and there is a door that connects us from one side to the other allowing kitty-goers to wander freely from one side to the other, but the Alley Cat Front Room provides a beautiful-classy way to stretch your legs and enjoy the same great service in a new luxe location.  Gail, Maurie, Mike. …  So glad that we can see you and continue our tradition of drinks and good times.

Looper followers, pay attention to next week’s episode on WISH-TV 8, the local CW affiliate for an inside look at the all new Alley Cat Front Room.

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