One of the best parts about being a Looper is making new friends and discovering great places you never knew existed.  The Library Restaurant is one of those kinds of places I never had the pleasure of visiting, until now.  My loss I assure you!  After talking with Ajna Morrow, one of the family members that own and operate the restaurant on the West side of Indianapolis, she told me that The Library is known for three things.

A little history, a lot of art, and above all incredible food.

History and humor abound as the restaurant plays off a lot on the art and love story between Napoleon Bonaparte and his first wife, Josephine.  Their email newsletter, detailing upcoming promotions and events, even includes a love story and dialogue between the two historical love birds.  Little surprises are hidden throughout the beautiful artwork adorning the walls.  My personal favorite being the famous painting of Napoleon on his steed with his sword being replaced by a cocktail.

I spent some time over dinner talking with Ajna about some of the events they host.  The restaurant is quite spacious and includes an upstairs private dining hall and two conference rooms.  What really intrigued me though was some of the upcoming food and wine tasting events the Library was hosting themselves.  I thought the detail and ornate nature of the building itself was enough of a surprise, mixed with the history along the walls, but then they brought out my dinner…

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  The steak I had was so good!  I keep saying it, but hands down one of the top five best steaks I’ve ever had.  The detail they put into preparing and cooking their steaks explains the flavor and its tender nature.  They also have quite an extensive wine and on-tap beer list to refresh your palette, and I was fortunate to have one of my favorite beers to cap off the rest of an enjoyable evening.

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