Filmmaker Andrew Littlefield moved to Indianapolis in 2003 to work on a documentary as a camera operator after college.

After three years, Littlefield moved to Chicago and began writing a short screenplay entitled “Monday Morning”, an extra ordinary story of love and the little things we take for granted in relationships.   It premiered at Chicago International Reel Shorts Festival in September of 2008. It was also shown at The Naperville International Film Festival.

He started his most recent project titled “Last Scene,” in the spring of 2014.  The film is a murder mystery that places a screenwriter at a crossroads while trying to decide on a ‘perfect ending’ for his latest script.  As the writer delves deeper into the story, his thoughts and ideas start to become his new reality.

Drawing on his own experiences as a writer, Littlefield wanted to explore how authors relate to their characters and how they negotiate the desire to give audiences what they want:  an amazing ending. While developing the concept for “Last Scene,” he decided to incorporate his early passion for Film Noir. Littlefield says “I’ve always been a huge fan of that film era and wanted to bring those theme elements back into this story.”

It’s going to cost some money to make this film.  Littlefield is asking for financial supporters to help fund the six-day filming project. Since the 2013 internet campaign that financed the Veronica Mars movie, numerous film projects have successfully used crowdfunding to bankroll productions, from Zac Braff’s Wish I Was Here to The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint. 

Littlefield’s script has a lot of promise. The biggest challenge is making it a high quality production that is entertaining to watch, but also looks and sounds great. (insert the trailer that Andrew made for the call to action.  Elements like sound mixing, productions design, and costume or makeup may seem minuscule when looking at the big picture, but when you’re able to bring out the smaller details on film, the story and characters can truly shine. Be a part of the journey that started from a few words on a page into a full project complete with an entire cast and crew!

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