Last week I headed down to Route 67 in Mooresville, IN and met probably one the most amazing guys I have ever met, Jimmy Charles.

Let me talk about Route 67 though. First of all it is a great place to listen to live music. Seating was nice around the stage. I didn’t feel like there were any bad seats in the house. So any place you end up sitting has an awesome view of the action. Drinks and food were terrific. I had some of their sausage and pepperoni pizza and it was phenomenal.  It was a great addition to watching the performance that night. Finally, I have to give a shout out to the staff there. The owners and workers at Route 67 were very hospitable, and made the place very welcoming to anyone that walked into their door. 

It was a pleasure to speak with Jimmy Charles. He has had quite the journey in his music career, and he is just getting started.  We talked about his American Idol experience, his tours, and the success that his new song “Superman” has brought him.  I should mention that he is incredibly friendly and very approachable.  Plus, he has a really big heart, which should have been obvious to me from the start. Because you have to have a special heart to make a special song like “Superman” and touch so many lives. 

After the interview he went on stage and gave the audience an amazing show. It turned out to be an amazing night. I would encourage anyone who loves live music and good food to go to Route 67. Not only was it a good time but you will meet some great people.

If you missed the segment on IN the Loop about Jimmy Charles and his song “Superman” check out the video below.  And don’t forget to watch me, Noah Winston, every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8.  Keeping you IN the Loop of everything that is Indianapolis.

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