Gourmet on GameDay, Part II: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Chefski and I continued our culinary journey together as he put a gourmet spin on a GameDay favorite and also inadvertently taught me a mother sauce of French cooking (Béchamel)! Our buffalo chicken dip began with a roux, which is comprised of equal parts butter and flour. The roux was then transformed into a Béchamel sauce by adding milk. Finally, the Béchamel became a Mornay sauce by adding the Gouda and Danish blue cheeses. (Did you totally just have a Julie & Julia moment reading that, or was it just me?) Add that chicken, hot off the grill, which was basted in hot sauce beforehand, and it perfectly balances out the creaminess and dank of the cheeses. Throw in a dash of Chefski’s signature spice blend and you have got yourself a winner! Kinda like the Colts against the Broncos! Go Horse!

To see Chefski’s culinary prowess at work and me play my best sous chef, check out the video below! Be sure to tune in every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8 to see me, Erica Stikeleather, along with all the other Loopers as we show you the very best of Indianapolis! We love keeping you IN The Loop!

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