Starting at birth our heads are filled with images of our wedding day.  It’s the stuff of fairy tales read to you at your bedside. A handsome prince, the perfect day and the perfect dress surrounded by your family, friends and a warm feelings.  You get to be a star for a day. Everything is about you. Everyone is there to celebrate you and your love for one another. Weddings are beautiful events.  For everyone it begins with a question, for a girl it becomes real when you pick out your dress.

Most girls dream of their wedding dress, whether we want to admit it or not. The perfect dress on a perfect day with your perfect man. Buying the perfect dress, that is not something that little girls dream of.  Because let’s face it, shopping can sometimes turn ugly. This process is supposed to be fun and exciting, not tedious and torturous.   You spent your lifetime dreaming about your wedding gown, so shopping for it is sure to be an exhilarating, exciting and yes, overwhelming experience. When should you start? Where should you go? What happens once you’re there? Well, your worrying is over.   The Wedding Studio in Carmel.  Adrienne and Shannon.  The place is romantic, bright and you are welcomed with champagne and smiles.  The dresses are art and you are in a safe place.   Bring either your mom and trusted friends.

Like any retail interaction, there’s an unspoken etiquette for customers and sales people alike. Experienced bridal gown consultants know this realm better than anyone.  I definitely felt no pressure to buy when I walked in the door.  They asked me questions, and brought me dresses.  Every dress was better than the last and then it happened.  My dress was looking back at me in the mirror.  Through tears and hugs, my princess dream was a reality.

From Cinderella and Prince Charming, to Luke and Laura, to, we are inundated with the idea to find that perfect man and walk down the aisle.   The idea of marriage will continue to be the dream of little girls.  The pageantry, the pomp, and the beauty of it all results in it being majestic, and my day is going to be just that, in large part thanks to The Wedding Studio, Adrienne and Shannon.

If you missed the segment on IN the Loop about The Wedding Studio check out the video below.  And don’t forget to watch me, Jade, every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8.  Keeping you IN the Loop of everything that is Indianapolis.

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