Julie Pappas & Renee Merrifield: A Candid Chat on Fortune Academy, Surrounded by Playful Theater Students

Join Renee Merrifield as she interviews Julie Pappas, the passionate founder of Fortune Academy, a school dedicated to transforming the lives of children with learning differences. Discover how this unique institution empowers its students through specialized education and a thriving theater program. Get ready for an engaging conversation, heartwarming stories, and a sneak peek at the fun-loving theater students in action!

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IN the Loop is an engaging Indianapolis TV show highlighting the city’s culture, events, and stories. Through interviews and local exploration, it captures the essence of Indianapolis, connecting viewers to its vibrant spirit and charm.

Thursday 7p LIVEstream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch
Saturdays midnight: WRTV

Hosted by: Renée Michelle Merrifield
Produced by: Jason Aaron

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