The writer for IN the Loop was invited to be a judge for the regional Emmy’s!

As a member of NATAS-Lower Great Lakes Chapter, you get “calls to action” asking you to help with the process.  Help us vote!  Become a judge!  These are mass emails sent to all members encouraging active participation in your region. Our writer opened up her emails, going through the motion of cleaning out her inbox.  She stumbled upon this:

Hi Raven,

Would you be able to judge one panel of entries:  Writer?  Its completely online, so you judge from your computer at your own pace and it doesn’t have to all be done in one session.  There are others judging this and I need one more judge.  It needs to be done no later than March 20th.

I would send the instructions and log in codes separately.

Please let me know.

This was not the normal “call to action” but addressed to her, in her category and signed by the Awards Administrator.  Quite the honor.

An Emmy Award is a set of accolades given to recognize excellence in the television industry to members and non-members of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  It is the Acadamy award of television programming.  It is a symbol for peer recognition.  The members of each peer group vote on the nominees and winners for categories pertaining to their area of expertise.

The first step to getting a nomination is submitting the work. If your show is eligible you can submit yourself in the craft categories, the entire show, certain segments—and pay a fee. (The fee pays for the organizations daily activities, the creation of the award and the party held in honor of. … well, TV people.)  Each peer group determines who the initial nominees will be in their category—actors vote on actors, writers on writers, and so on.

Then things get serious. Judges are chosen from each peer group to cast the final vote on who wins. Just who are these judges? No one will tell you. The Academy selects them in a secret process, and they are only allowed to serve two consecutive years as a judge in a category.

There are 20 total regional chapters located across the United States that each conduct regional awards to recognize excellence in all the regional television markets, including state to state programming as well as local news and locally produced shows.

The Regional Emmys are essential in helping NATAS and ATAS honor the works of deserving individuals in local TV through a regional outreach. Like the national awards, each region goes through their own rigorous nomination and voting procedures. Committees are formed to review entries for eligibility and high standards. Once accepted, each entry goes before different review committees, and their votes are cast to determine the final nominees. The final votes are then calculated by certified accounting firms within each region.

Congratulations to our writer and her achievements.  IN the Loop is proud to have her as a member of the team and wish her luck on her submissions for this year’s accolades.  She has worked extremely hard on her previous projects and compliments the show.

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