In the last year I have been nurturing a newfound love for Thai food. I have visited many of the excellent Thai restaurants throughout the city and have loved every minute of experiencing a new culture through my taste buds. My problem is that when I want to try something new, I’m never really sure what to order. That’s why when I was asked to try out a new Thai spot with a lunch buffet bar, I jumped at the chance.

Bangkok Restaurant and Jazz Bar is located downtown on 225 E. Ohio Street close to Monument Circle. With tons of nightlife and amazing things to do nearby, it’s definitely a great location. As I walked in, I instantly noticed how beautiful it is inside the restaurant. There was so much attention to detail, a truly elegant ambiance. Before long, though, my mouth started to water with the heavenly aromas wafting over from the hug buffet heaped with beautiful Thai food like curries, satays, and the most amazing spring rolls! In addition, they also had a selection of Chinese, Japanese, and even American fare. I loved the variety, and all the flavors really seemed to play well off each other.

Soon after arriving, I got to meet the owner Tom and the five-star head chef (also named Tom) who heads up the kitchen.  Both spoke passionately about their love of food and how much they enjoyed reinventing classic Thai recipes for an Indiana audience. They love to switch it up, they said, and keep things fresh so people never get bored. Tom-the-chef was very pleased that Tom-the-owner gave has given him so much creative control over the menu. As an artist myself, I can understand how important that is. Plus, I got to taste his creations and, believe me, they were inspired!

When it was finally time to eat, I decided to sit on the patio where I could take advantage of the beautiful weather and excellent people-watching. Both Toms suggested the top-selling drunken noodles and the pineapple fried rice. Both dishes looked beautiful, almost too pretty to eat! But, eat I did and—let me tell you—they tasted even better. I didn’t want to stop! Hands down, the best Thai food I have ever had. Once we digested a little and had soaked in the street scene, we decided to head back inside for a little jazz and an after-dinner drink. Between the music and the hand-crafted cocktails, the atmosphere super-swanky, the perfect place for a first date or a girls night out. I have already made plans to go back for their lunch buffet later this week!

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