The sites, the sounds, the smell. All reminiscent of a far off place with rich tradition and a colorful heritage. You do not have to travel long to get a taste of Africa in Indianapolis. Look no further than Abyssinia for an authentic Ethiopian experience.

The owners of Abyssinia welcomed me with open arms into their vibrant cultural restaurant. We roasted fresh organic coffee beans (who knew coffee beans started out green?!), explored the tastes and spices of Ethiopian fare, and washed it all down with homemade honey wine. No detail is left unturned. Even the honey is imported from Ethiopia. Side note: the honey wine is alcoholic. I originally misunderstood this important fact prior to consuming several glasses.

My favorite part about Abyssinia is the opportunity to eat with your hands. No silverware needed. It is all about the injera. Injera is the authentic Ethiopian bread used to pick up bites of food. It is spongey and does not have an overly powerful taste. It mixes well with every type of vegetable or meat. I loved eating with my hands. I felt like a little kid again, which tells me it would be a great spot for families because little ones love eating with their hands too.

You’ll be delighted with Abyssinia. Once you are done eating, you can visit the little market next to the restaurant. There you can purchase authentic Ethiopian ingredients needed to make all those delicious dishes at home.

Culture. Good food. Music. A unique experience. It is all available at Abyssinia. Enjoy and don’t forget about the honey wine!

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