Fashion, food, limos, networking and fun. I spent my evening going around Indianapolis in a limo with Angela Kahn, Berny Martin, Jonathan Brooks and the Butcher Babe from the Food Network.  Food Meets Fashion premiered during the spring season’s Midwest Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to be a part of this event.

The evening started with Chef Joseph’s at the Coinneseur room and 35 people buzzed around Indianapolis to the trendiest restaurants in the city ending at the Milano Inn with cannoli and coffee for desert.

I had the best scallop I have ever eaten at Chef Joseph’s at the Coinneseur room. The networking for the event was amazing just sitting in different places all night, sipping cocktails beside a variety of people.  Make sure to watch the Food Meets Fashion segment on IN the Loop if you missed April 5th’s premiere episode and stay tuned for the fall presentation of Midwest Fashion Week’s Food meets fashion.

Next week I give you an inside look at the runway shows and young designers for Midwest Fashion Week’s main events!

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