Hearty family recipes fill the menu at Iozzo’s Garden of Italy, a storied spot south of downtown.

I have driven past the restaurant over the years in the unassuming location just south of downtown.  I was very excited to experience the restaurant for the first time and learn what delicious delights existed inside the beautiful brick exterior.

The restaurant is the creation of Katie Harris and her husband, Greg a dream that was inspired by her great-grandfather, who once owned the premier italian restaurant in Indianapolis, one of the largest in the Midwest and she is using inspirations and recipes from the original restaurant.

But nothing is “simple” Italian food here. Plates are attractively adorned with a flower blossoms, dyed vegetables and striped pasta.  The menu showcases Italian classics like prosciutto, pappardelle, garganelli, pan-seared tilapia, eggplant parmesan and spaghetti and meatballs.

If you missed the segment on IN the Loop about Iozzo’s check out the video below.  And don’t forget to watch me, Jon Bausman, every Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH-TV 8.  Keeping you IN the Loop of everything that is Indianapolis.

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