Two things first — 1) Sorry for being a little late with this, but it has been a busy few days with the move to Colorado and 2) I can’t believe that my last show on IN the Loop TV Show has already aired. It has been a whirlwind and I know that I am leaving too soon, but an opportunity came up and my producers and team urged me to leap at the chance.

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to be an on air host. I’ve been doing it in some fashion for a few years, and when the camera is turned on I know that I am right where I want to be. It’s been the only thing I’ve wanted to do since my first experience.

I will certainly miss being on the set with Jade, Erica and Kaylyn, as well as talking ideas and shoots with Raven and Jason. What what great people they are and this will be something I never forget.

Last but certainly not least in a post that is suddenly a lot longer than I expected it to be even though I know I am leaving too many people out, sponsors, clients and people I have met in the field:

I have to thank you, dedicated followers of IN the Loop TV Show. We would be nothing without you.

I think it is appropriate for me to end my final blog post with a simple – Thanks for watching Indiana. The Loopers will see you next Sunday night at 11:30 on WISH TV 8 right after the news on IN the Loop.

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