Magazine Show. … What’s that?

“I have a crazy question. What is a magazine show?” is a question that is posed to Loopers when they are talking about what it is they do. Here is the quick answer.

A magazine show is an entertainment style news program that does a number of reports on particular subjects such as current events or activities, bars, restaurants, non-profits and everything that would pertain to features on various topics. The show is interspersed with presenters who not only introduce the features but appear in the video stories. Exciting, right?

Three short weeks from this moment, Indy’s only weekly magazine television show will premiere on WISH TV-8.   It is the calm before the storm filled with three weeks of posts, web updates, tweets, status updates and photos that lead up to our entrance into the world of on air media.

We know where we will be on April 5th at 11:30 PM. Watching the show? Are you with us?


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